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Friendly, experienced, reliable, 1 to 1 Dog Training, Dog Walking and Home Pop-In Services for pets. Nottingham. 

Hi, my name is Amanda, founder of Good-Dog.co.uk. I have a number of years' experience, training and working dogs, including large breeds, as an Ex-Service Dog Handler.

I am fully insured.  I am D.B.S (formerly C.R.B) checked. 

I own a suitable vehicle to carry dogs safely, fitted with a bespoke Lintran K9 9 cage system, which is temperature controlled and has escape hatches in case of a rear end collision.  There is also a side security gate. 

I am Dog First Aid certified to advanced trauma level.

I am registered with NARPS UK.

I am a Master Dog Trainer with the Guild of Dog Trainers.

I cover Redhill, Arnold, Woodthorpe, Mapperley, Carlton, Gedling, Top Valley, Sherwood, Carrington, Bestwood, and Daybrook.  But I am not limited to these areas.

Services I currently offer are:

  • Dog Walking: Solo and Group walks.
  • 1 to 1 Dog Obedience Training. 
  • 1 to 1 Puppy Training
  • 1 to 1 Dog Behavioural Training.
  • Home 'Pop-ins' / visits for dogs and cats and other small pets.
  • Pet Taxi / Transportation to vets, groomers, or Nationwide!

Safe transportation of your dog is our priority.

1 to 1 Dog Training

Need General Obedience Training?:

  • Sit, Down, Heelwork, Recall etc.


Are you having problems with:

  • Dog Aggression towards people or other dogs?
  • Pulling on the lead?
  • Seperation Anxiety?
  • Dog recall issues?
  • Dog jumping up?
  • Excessive barking?
  • Guarding issues?
  • Toilet training problems?
  • Excessive 'mouthing' or biting?
  • Stealing food or other objects?
  • ............or anything else!


Please read our 'Why Train Your Dog?' page to see the importance of 'Proper Control'.

We can help!  

Please read our Google Reviews of our results!

We are 'hands on' dog trainers wherever possible, and don't try and distract your dog from the problems with treats, walking away or hiding to avoid issues.  

We train the issues out with training!

Master Dog Trainer with the Guild of Dog Trainers.

We do obedience training, and deal with behavioural issues with you and your dog on a 1 to 1 basis, this is less distracting than a group setting.  This is for dogs from 8 weeks old and upwards. The training sessions are tailored to your needs.  

The training is for the dog and the handler/owner!

We come to see your dog in your own environment, so we can see the issues first hand.  We can go together to where you are having the issues.  We will deal with the issues you want addressing and give you the help and advice to continue with the training and resolve them.

We will explain 'why' your dog is behaving in that way and how to resolve it.

Every dog and owner is different and we will adjust the training to suit... But above all we shall try and have some fun too!

Before we leave you will be given a written report, bespoke to you, so you can continue with the training.



£80 for the initial visit.  Monday to Friday (After 5pm).

£100 Initial visit on Saturdays from 10am.

This initial visit lasts about 2 hours.  It is time for us to understand you, your dog and your needs and to conduct the training and/or address behavioural issues.  We find we solve most peoples problems in the initial visit. We give YOU the knowledge, confidence and techniques to continue the training.

£40 per hour subsequent visits Monday to Friday (After 5pm).

£50 per hour subsequent visits on Saturdays.

Please note: If you wish for us to travel outside of our normal area an additional charge for fuel etc may apply.

**We now sell Gift Vouchers for Dog Training, contact me for details.**

All one to one fees are due within 24 hours of the appointment. Appointments cancelled with fewer than 48 hours notice or failure to attend/be present on our arrival at the agreed time, may be charged at the full fee as is standard practice.

Refunds not available for training services. 
****Unfortunately we cannot give phone or email advice for issues you have for dogs we have not met.****



Dog Walking

  • Have you come home to 'accidents' on the floor?
  • Chewed furniture?
  • Complaints of your dog barking? 

If so, this may be separation anxiety, or boredom, which may be fixed with a good walk and play.

A good walk where your dog can be socialised with other dogs and people can help to prevent behavioural problems and also provide your dog with essential mental stimulation.  Making them a happy and fulfilled dog.​

Regular exercise and socialisation can help towards treating common behavioural problems, like whining, barking and destructive behaviour in the home.

I offer countryside and woodland walks (or even a swim in a lake if that's what your dog likes!), with dogs of all ages, either individually, or as a group.  Whichever you prefer.

We don't just pop to the local park or 'pavement walk', unless requested.

Your dog will be walked on its lead at all times, unless written consent by yourself is given, and I have established a good recall with your dog.

I understand the importance of having a trustworthy and reliable person to care for your dog, and I am that person.

On wet rainy days (let’s face it, it is Britain after all!) or when your dog wants a swim or a roll in the mud, we will always clean their paws and towel dry them before returning them to your home.

Your dog will be cared for to the highest standard and you will receive updates of their activities whilst in my care if you wish.

Whether it be a regular walk, or 'ad hoc' walk. I offer a flexible service with water, treats, love and fuss all provided with no extra cost.

Prior to any engagements I will meet with you and your pets, for a free initial no obligation consultation, to allow us all to get acquainted and to complete the relevant paperwork.

You will need to ensure that your dog is fully vaccinated, and provide your dog’s Vaccination and Health Check Records, as well as your vet’s details.

Your dog must have a collar or harness and an identification tag.


£12 an hour per dog.

£18 an hour if you require your dog to be walked alone.

1.5x rate an hour evening (after 5pm)/weekend walks.

2x rate an hour Bank Holidays.



Home Pop-in / Visit services for Dogs, Cats & Small Pets

  • If you are out for long periods, this could cause your dog to suffer anxiety separation or boredom. 
  • Or is your dog of senior age experiencing medical conditions which means they may not be able to go for a walk. 
  • Or do you have a new puppy?

I can offer an early morning or late afternoon/evening 'Pop-in' service to your home, to feed, change water, fuss and toilet break your dog.  Medication administration can be given if required with written consent.

This is also suitable for puppies, or elderly dogs, that require more toilet breaks.

Going on holiday?:...

I also offer this service for CATS with a litter tray clean during my visit.

I can also see to other small pets in your home.

I can also give text or email updates of the visits to keep you up to date if requested.

No visits possible between 10am-3pm due to our dog walks.


£7 per visit.

Evening (after 5pm) and weekend visits are available with advanced notice for £10 per visit.

Bank Holiday visits available with advanced notice for £14 per visit


Pet Taxi Service

We can safely transport your pet to the vet's, groomers or further afield if you are unable to do this.


£10 per half hour + 50p per mile.

1.5x rate evening (after 5pm)/weekend.

2x rate Bank Holidays.



East Of India Gifts

We now sell lovely gifts from the company East Of India.

To visit our shop click here. Or visit:



Feel free to give me a call, or text on 07534 691 355 if you want to discuss your requirements.

You can email me at


Thanks for stopping by. Have a look around and get to know me. I welcome your thoughts, comments, tips or personal contact requests. Please use the contact form to get in touch.

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