Dog Walking

A good walk where your dog can be socialised with other dogs can help to prevent behavioural problems and also provide your dog with essential mental stimulation.  Making them a happy and fulfilled dog.​

Regular exercise and socialisation can help towards treating common behavioural problems, like whining, barking and destructive behaviour in the home.

I offer countryside and woodland walks (or even a swim in a lake if that's what your dog likes!), with dogs of all ages, either individually, or as a group.  Whichever you prefer.

We don't just pop to the local park or 'pavement walk', unless requested (Solo walks only).

Your dog will be walked on its lead at all times, unless written consent by yourself is given, and I have established a good recall with your dog.

On wet rainy days (let’s face it, it is Britain after all!) or when your dog wants a swim, we will always clean their paws and towel dry them before returning them to your home.

Your dog will be cared for to the highest standard and you will receive updates of their activities whilst in my care if you wish.

I offer a flexible service with water, treats, love and fuss all provided with no extra cost.

Prior to any engagements I will meet with you and your pets, for a free initial no obligation consultation, to allow us all to get acquainted and to complete the relevant paperwork.

All new dogs have a trial period of at least 2 walks to assess suitability.

You will need to ensure that your dog is fully vaccinated, and provide your dog’s Vaccination and Health Check Records, as well as your vet’s details.

Your dog must have a collar or harness and an identification tag.


£12 an hour per dog.

£18 an hour if you require your dog to be walked alone.

1.5x rate an hour evening (after 5pm)/weekend walks.

2x rate an hour Bank Holidays.

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