1 to 1 Dog Training: Obedience, Puppies & Behaviour



£160 for the initial visit.


The initial visit is for 2 hours. (If more than 2 hours are required additional charges will apply).  During the initial visit we take time to understand you, your dog and your needs.  We also conduct training and/or address any behavioural issues. 

  • We find we solve most peoples' problems during the initial visit.
  • We give YOU the knowledge, confidence and techniques to continue the training.

NOTE: The initial visit is for ONE dog.  If there is more than one dog to train, then additional time is charged at the hourly rate of £80 chargeable in 15 minutes increments.


£80 per hour subsequent visits.


Minimum of 1 hour sessions, and charged per 15 minutes thereafter.


Please note: If you require us to travel outside of our normal area as shown on our Home page an additional charge for fuel and travel time may apply.


All training fees are payable prior to the end of the training session.  Appointments cancelled with fewer than 72 hours notice or failure to attend/be present on our arrival at the agreed time, may be charged at the full fee as is standard practice.


****Unfortunately we cannot give phone/text or email advice for issues you have with dogs we have not met.****


Sometimes 'Emergency' Training Appointments are available (Extra charges apply).  Please contact us for details.


**We now sell Gift Vouchers for Dog Training, contact us for details.**


Need General Obedience Training?:


Sit, Down, Heelwork, Recall etc.




Are you having problems with:


Dog Aggression towards people or other dogs?  Pulling on the lead?  Reacting to traffic?  

Separation Anxiety?  Dog recall issues?  Dog jumping up?  Excessive barking?  Guarding issues?  

Toilet training problems?  Excessive 'mouthing' or biting?  Stealing food or other objects?  ............or anything else?!


We can help!  


Take a look at our Google Reviews


watch some of our client videos for proof of our results.


 Unfortunately,  the correct training strategies needed to address some behaviours in dogs are often unknown to the average dog owner.  Add in, all the misinformation accessible over the internet, plus the overnight 'online course' dog training 'experts' and you have a frustrated dog owner with a very confused dog. 


We are 'hands on' dog trainers wherever possible. We don't try and distract your dog from the problems with treats, walking away, turning around or hiding etc to avoid/ignore issues.

We deal with and train the issues out with training.

We have a 'Say it as it is' approach.


We are 'Balanced Trainers'.

Click here to find out the difference between 'Balanced' and 'Positive Only' Trainers 


Master Dog Trainer with the Guild of Dog Trainers.


Good-Dog focuses on obedience training, advanced obedience training, and behavioural issues.  The benefits of working with you and your dog on a 1 to 1 basis enables the training to be tailored to your individual needs.  It is more effective as it is less distracting than a group setting, and you have 100% of the trainer's attention.


Training is suitable for dogs from 8 weeks old and upwards.


On the initial visit we come to see you and your dog in your own environment, so we can observe the issues first hand.  We will deal with the issues you want addressing and give you the help and advice to continue with the training.

We will explain 'why' your dog is behaving in a particular way and provide you with the knowledge and techniques to help resolve the behaviour.




Every dog and owner is different and we adjust the training to suit....  above all we shall have some fun too, which is vital for the dogs' training.


Before we leave you will be given a written report, bespoke to you, so you can continue with the training.


Please read our 'Why Train Your Dog?' page to see the importance of 'Proper Control'.

Why choose Good-Dog.co.uk Dog Training?

It's not just our dog..........

See some more of our clients' videos by clicking here!

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