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Before completing the form, please read the below notes and answers to our most commonquestions and enquiries:  (Yes. They are all genuine)

  • We are dog trainers.  We train dogs not "Fur Babies"
  • Our training prices are shown HERE
  • No, sorry, we cannot train your dog for free or give discount because it is a 'Rescue'
  • No, sorry, we cannot train your dog for free or give discount because it is "so cute and adorable"!, this applies even when you then provide a picture to show "just how cute and adorable it is" to attempt to change our minds! (Even though we do like getting cute pics!)
  • No, we are not 'Anti' to whatever you claimed for not training for free or with discount.  We believe in treating everybody equally so we charge the same rate to everyone.  The rate is clearly shown in our prices.
  • No, your dog will not be fully trained after the 2 hours.  But you will know how to continue the training.
  • Yes, you can still walk your dog if it's raining outside. 
  • No, we don't teach tricks, as tricks will not keep your dog safe.  You can train your tricks when the dog has full basic obedience which will keep it safe.  There is no point your dog giving 'paw' or a 'high five' to the oncoming car when you want to recall it off the road.
  • "It's because of Lockdown/COVID, we couldn't socialise our dog!". Just because dogs greet each other by touching noses and sniffing each others bums, you don't have to. We recommend just a polite "Hello". With your dogs on a lead you can easily maintain that safe 2 meter distance. 
  • If your dog pulls and you walk your dog on a harness, and would insist on continuing to do so even after advice, then we are not the trainers for you.
  • If you have aggression, behavioural issues or your dog "just doesn't listen" and the dog sleeps on or in your bed, in your bedroom and you would not consider stopping that after advice, then we are not the trainers for you.
  • We will always give advice and guidance in the best interest of the dog.  We will not change the advice to appease the owner to the detriment of the dogs' safety and welfare.
  • "My dog keeps humping my leg! What can I do?"  We can either come and help you train it out of your dog, or you can just re-enact that iconic diner scene from the film "When Harry Met Sally" and do your best Meg Ryan impression. Don't know what we mean? Check here!
  • No, we cannot give advice on a dog we have not met, especially for aggression and behavioural issues, even if we called you to discuss, this is because if you were able to supply us with all the information that we would need to make an informed decision (which we gather in the initial assessment observing the dog) then you probably would not have needed to have contacted us in the first place as you already have the knowledge you require.
  • "You obviously don't like dogs because you aren't telling me how to train my dog for free!" Yes we do like dogs.  Vets and dog groomers like dogs too, but they also charge for their services.
  • "Why don't you give free advice?".  Free advice is normally worth every penny that you spend on it. Nothing!.  Why would businesses tell you accurately how to resolve your issues so you can do it yourself and then they do not get paid and make a living.  
  • "But this other person gave me free advice!". Maybe they just didn't want to deal with it, because it sounded a bit of a sh*t job, so they told you something semiplausible just to get rid of you, but you go away feeling happy and victorious that you got a 'freebie'!
  • If you feel you cannot say 'No' to your dog, or correct it in order to keep it safe, then we are not the trainers for you.
  • If you are going to tell us what Facebook, Google or the Youtube video etc suggested. Please decide beforehand whether you want to continue following their advice, (which may have led you to needing to contact us), or to listen to our advice.
  • Please only contact us if you are serious about continuing and maintaining the training and advice given.
  • As you can possibly tell from the above, if you don't want straight talking trainers, that will tell you as it is, and you are easily offended:  

Then we are not the trainers for you!


We do not train Therapy Dogs. Please contact Therapy Dog Training UK or Therapy Dogs Nationwide, or even the Charity for the condition required, who will be able to assist and advise on the tests and Certifications required for Therapy Dogs.


Please ensure all details are correct, in particular contact details, as we have had people complain we do not respond when they have supplied incorrect details.


Please appreciate we only have a limited number of appointments, and 'When they're gone, they're gone' as they say. We only book so far in advance (as if it's too far away some people no longer have their dog). If we contact you and tell you we are fully booked, or not currently taking bookings, it is nothing personal, and not our fault. It is the fault of the people who sent the forms and booked before you!



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