"Hi!" from Amanda

I have a love of dogs and the outdoors!  So after many years of working and training service dogs, I decided that I wanted to follow my dream and work for myself, doing what I am passionate about. 


Being outdoors and training dogs!

I have my own dog, Lex, a German Shepherd, who I have had and trained since he was 8 weeks old, and a little bundle of fluff!  He was born on 30th March 2015 at a fabulous German Shepherd breeder's in Lincolnshire, owned by Andrew Fews.

Adoram German Shepherds.  I chose Lex after he scored well in the Volhard Puppy Test.

Lex has always been a playful dog, full of energy and willing to please.  Lex is a very driven dog and a pleasure to train. 

At just under six months old, I was overjoyed when Lex won

  • Best German Shepherd
  • Best Obedience
  • Best Puppy in Show

at a charity dog show run at the breeding kennels hosted by Andrew and Trevor at Belmont Kennels.

I love nothing more than walking in the fresh air, and sharing it with dogs. 

I have always been an outdoors type of person, and am now living my dream and sharing my love of the outdoors with other dogs.

I continue to train dogs, and take satisfaction in seeing owners happy with the results achieved, whether it be general obedience or behavioural problems that have been addressed.




Please call me on +44 07534 691 355+44 07534 691 355 use our contact form. Or Email me at  amanda@good-dog.co.uk

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